The title of this blog is cribbed from the title of the book by the same name written by the late, great Douglas Adams. I’m well aware that most successful blogs are those that fit into a nifty, little niche and attract a nice bevvy of readers interested in the same topic, but you’ll find no such neat compartmentalization here–it just ain’t how I think.

Who am I? I am me. Or, to those of you not living inside my head, I am Jeanne Skotnicki. I began this blog some years back to familiarize myself with what was a spanky new concept. I wrote a lot, then I got caught up in being a good teacher, athlete, and wife and didn’t write so much. So it goes.

But, it is now August of 2010 (!) and I’ve found a comfortable rhythm for the rest of my life so the adventure in writing continues…