Matt Good

Friday night was supposed to be the kick-off of a great weekend, unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be the great start I imagined it would be. We had tickets to see Matthew Good, one of my husband’s favorite musicians. What’s so great about Matt Good? I honestly don’t know. I generally respect my husband’s musical tastes, so I’ve been trying to get into Matt Good ever since Stan first introduced him to me, but without much luck. Everything he plays is in a minor key and Stan claims that his lyrics are interesting, but I can’t get past his whiny voice enough to actually hear them.

So, this Friday we went to see Matt Good live at Club Infinity. And I’m a sucker for live music, so I figured this would push me over onto the Matt Good fan club side of things. Only, things didn’t turn out that way. First, I was exhausted. I had a really long week for a bunch of reasons that are too boring to go into, but suffice it to say that I hate PowerGrade. Second, there was no AC at Club Infinity. I don’t know if it was broken or off or what, but it was about a hundred degrees in there. Third, the audience sucked. One of the reasons I love live music so much is the positive vibe you always get from the audience. Only this time it wasn’t there this time. Who knows, maybe it was the lack of air, but this crowd was drunk and surly, like a frat party gone bad. Finally, the show was acoustic. Now this might have been nice if there had been some place to sit, but no, every last chair and table in the club had vanished to the land of we don’t want any lawsuits, so we were standing around in the makeshift sauna trying to groove on all these songs written with the chronically depressed in mind. Like I said, not so good. We left early. (In poor Mr. Good’s defense, virtually none of this was his fault.)

Sources: the picture of Matt Good comes from the WordPress blog, Vast Open Space.