It rained and I took refuge in a porta-potty and then it stopped and then Elvis Costello went on and it rained again, and I had to forego the porta-potty because I wasn’t going to miss any of the show. He rocked. I decided not to poke around and find out how old he was, because I decided that it just didn’t matter, but he did mention that he hadn’t played in Buffalo for thirty years, which is pretty dang impressive. He hasn’t lost his touch and for the incredibly low price of $30 a ticket, seeing him live (even in the rain) felt like getting away with murder. The show featured Elvis on vocals and lead guitar and Allen Toussaint on piano and a bunch of other funky instruments. Since I’ve never seen him in concert before, I had nothing to compare this show to, but friends who have seen him a number of times said this pared down session was the best they’d seen.

Elvis Costello

Costello was the feature artist of the annual fundraiser for the Albright-Knox, Rockin’ at the Knox. But we also heard the Canadian indie band Feist for the first time and were so impressed with lead singer Leslie Feist, we went home and downloaded songs off of iTunes to check them out further.


One of the funnier aspects of the concert, at least for me, was the audience. In retrospect, it should have come as no surprise that Costello playing at a fundraiser for an art museum would attract a bunch of boomers, but I didn’t think much about it beforehand and was pretty taken aback to see men in khakis and button-downs and women in dresses and heels walking around the parking lot! Maybe I’m in denial, but that doesn’t just doesn’t jibe with my picture of the alternative music scene, no matter which generation is buying the albums!

This week is Jackdaw and The Dropkick Murphys at the Square, Matt Good in October and Hawkins in November. It’s shaping up to be a fine autumn in Buffalo!

Sources: The picture of Elvis in concert at Joe’s Pub in NYC is taken off his official website and the picture of Feist comes from an mp3 blog created by Brian Lum, Bows + Arrows.