John Butler Trio

I know the Lafayette Square concert series is called something different these days, but I like the old name and I’m sticking with it. Regardless of what it’s called however, it is one of the best things about living in Buffalo in the summer. Right from its infancy it had the makings of a lasting event. You now know my obsession with all things Ron Hawkins; the Lowest of the Low was a frequent performer in those early days. As the series has grown, it has expanded to pull in bigger names and more diverse bands. This past week was no exception, as the John ButlerJohn Butler Trio (visiting all the way from Australia!) put on an absolutely kickin’ show. Not familiar with their music, I listened to a few of their most recent releases on iTunes and then texted my friend Patti with this description: eclectic rock reggae bluegrass band. She hadn’t heard of them either, but told me later she was sold at eclectic. They didn’t disappoint! Patti and I were both impressed with the ease with which they worked a crowd that was largely ignorant of their music, and then profusely thanked the audience and crew at the end of the performance–not something you see every day but should! That connection is something that’s probably underappreciated by many artists and audiences alike. Without the right chemistry between performer and artist, the show has little hope for success, regardless of the quality of the music.

Other great shows this summer include the Violent Femmes, Joan Osborne, and Sam Roberts. If you haven’t been down to the Square, you are missing out!!

The picture of the John Butler Trio at top of this post is taken from a Danish website, and the picture of John Butler at the bottom is from an article published in The State News, the Michigan State newspaper.