Ron Hawkins

I’m not a numbers girl, so I can’t cite the exact date but it must have been about thirteen years ago that my husband Stan and his best friend Tom first introduced me to the Canadian band, The Lowest of The Low. I think my ear for music is halfway decent (doesn’t everyone), but it always takes me a little time to warm up to a new band. Falling in love with the Lowest of the Low was never really an option however. Happily, it didn’t really take much persuasion on their part, which is mainly testimony to the lyrical genius of the band’s frontman and guitarist, Ron Hawkins. The first song I remember learning was “Bleed a Little While Tonight” off their album Shakespeare My Butt… (With a title like that, what’s an English major not to love?) Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten much of a Hawkins fix lately because he has turned his creative genius toward the visual arts and I can’t afford his paintings, but he is scheduled to play a show November 3 at The Tralf. It’s three months off and already I can’t wait.

The picture is taken from Ron Hawkins’ website: