Irony!I realize that in my last post I said I was through with professional cycling, but today’s events at the Tour bear mention. It seems as if my own disgust with the doping problem is finally being echoed by the team organizers. The French team Cofidis pulled out of the race (a really monumental move considering they are French and this is the Tour de France) when one of their riders, Italian Cristian Moreni tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. This revelation was closely followed by the announcement the Danish team Rabobank fired their team member and Tour leader, Michael Rasmussen, who failed to show for three scheduled drug tests this past year. (That’s him on the left in what may be one of the most ironic cycling photographs ever taken.) These are welcome developments. Until the riders feel that risks of doping outweigh the potential gains, the sport will continue to be fraught with problems.

I admit that I do not follow most professional sports with much regularity, but Mike Lizza writing for a New York Times blog, “The Lede: Notes on the News,” noticed that there has been a rash of sports scandals this summer. His advice, roll up your newspaper to form a megaphone and start screaming about what you don’t like about sports. Not bad, but I think closing down their source revenue would be even more effective. After all, it’s money (and probably some warped sense of glory) that motivates athletes to cheat, so it will be money that will finally put an end to all of this. After all, if they cheat and we still pay to watch, who’s the fool?

Photograph of Michael Rasmussen and fan (wearing a Dopers Suck T-shirt) is taken from