This past weekend I participated in the annual C. Lake Open Water Swim. Open water swims are essentially that, swims or races held on “open water,” not a pool. Since I spent the better part of my developmental years racing in pools, I’ve backed off of racing and training seriously since I graduated from college, but I still swim for exercise when I can find the time and do the occasional open water race. CanandaiguaThis time I did the two-mile swim. Doing the two-mile event involved going out to the end of the buoy line and back twice. The green buoy in the middle marks the quarter-mile point. The vertical black flag is the finish line on the beach. I’m happy to report that I finished in under an hour and was the third fastest female overall and first in my age-group category. Not too shabby for an out of shape swimmer! One of the most pleasant aspects of this particular race was getting to hang out with fellow Master’s swimmers, Jim and Art, and their families after the race. The last time I drove to C. Lake I swam alone and this was an enormous improvement over that experience. Both these guys participate regularly in Master’s swimming events and their enthusiasm has me reconsidering my current ban on racing. Master’s Nationals will be held in Austin, TX this coming year, a city I would love to visit. Incidentally, our club had a great showing at this event, with each of us winning our respectiveage-group categories and Jim and Art posting the fastest times in their events overall.